The world is so full of a number of things,
I’m sure we should all be as happy as kings.
- Robert Louis Stevenson

Friday, 1 October 2010

Word of Warning

Heavy sex or violence is out – although I think the kind of violence that’s allowed on TV is the very worst kind. There’s no feeling behind it, and that makes it completely diabolical.
- David Lynch in an L.A. Times Interview with Kristen McKenna (August 20, 1989)
This is a true story. I swear, it really is. Whether you believe me or not is of course up to you. But this being the truth, the whole and nothing but the kahretsin truth, there is a few things I should warn you about.
There is violence, physical and otherwise, and only some of it pleasant. There is sex, some more and some less pleasant than the violence, and sometimes the two are hard to tell apart. A lot of it involves same-sex, underage, and/or not-necessarily-fully-consenting partners. There are drugs: legal, illegal, and some just questionable. But most of all, there is crime. Shitloads of crime. Because this is the story of how I was a thief. How, for the last two years of my life, I deceived, betrayed, defrauded, lied to, and stole from pretty much everyone I came into contact with. And I wasn’t the only one doing that shite, baby.
Just to be clear on this: I do not necessarily condone any of this. But I do not necessarily condemn it either. It’s complicated. Anasını satayım, it’s life, you know.
I’ll also have the one or other thing to say about God. And Jesus. Mohammad. The Dalai bloody Lama. And about eternal life, and the soul, and spirits, and all that stuff. And about race, and ethnicity, and nations. And the character of such groups, and faiths, and entities. If you feel strongly about that sort of thing (and what sort of a person would you be if you didn’t?) some or all of it might bother you.
I’ll also use strong language in places. At times I’ll be crude. And rude. And mangle spelling and grammar and punctuation and good taste.
Amına kodum, I’ll just say whatever I bloody well please, however I bloody well please. If you don’t like it, please, feel free to look away anytime.


  1. Hey,

    got here through tildeb's Questionable Motives.

    Gotta tell you, I'm intrigued. But the volume at this point is going to be an issue. Even starting at the beginning might put me at odds with your present head-space.

    Is this is to be an full story then, as in a novel, or whatever form it may eventually take?

  2. My head is renown for being bloody big. And spacy! XD
    Yeah, if I manage to pull it off it will approach something novel-sized. Maybe epic. ;) If you can - as it grows - tell me what to cut and where to skip over stuff, I'll be fightfully grateful. As I will be for any other constructive criticism (or even flames) about any portion of it. Whatever you'll give me, mate. Cheers.

  3. Ok, here's the situation: I'm going to be gone for two weeks and essentially without technology. Sorry, but all I can offer you now is a delay.

    Here's the deal: I'll start at the beginning and work my way up. And of course, at my own pace. :-)
    Don't take my suggestions as gospel, of course. I've got my own writing problems to hash out. But if another voice/another point of view helps, well at least there is that...

    Here's what I get out of it: I've been thinking about the emotional element of writing a lot lately. I've always written but I have never really engaged the emotions. Dripped some blood but never really bled, so to speak. So I'm going to be trying to learn something.

    Ok, so see you in two.

  4. From my own experiences I've come to the conclusion that no fiction will ever match the extraordinary things that can happen in life. I'm looking forward to reading this and will comment as I go.


  5. @Malcolm: Aye. Agreed. Though sometimes one is not entirely at liberty to reveal the full truth, or it's the last of one's liberty when there is crime involved. And sometimes one has to sum things up to avoid boring the reader to death. Cuz life is also way more tedious than fiction would ever allowed to be...
    (Also some of us are just incorrible liars at heart... ^_^)

  6. @Andrew: Take your time. If you read it and enjoy it, I'll be glad. If you have something to say, good or bad, I'll want to hear it. And if you got something of your own writing to share, feel free to link to your content. I'll follow it and read.

  7. Sorry it has taken me so long to comment... fuck, I'm awful.

    I like how you've put everything out there. Everything about life, every dirty little bit... fuck, I love it. I love grungy tales, especially ones containing drugs, overdoses, sex, same sex and anguish. It's the best, though slightly depressing... but fuck it. From what I have read, the words melt my heart in the most interesting of ways.

    Plus, I like you, Mr Fox. You always leave such thoughtful comments. You are always welcome in my garden, no matter what happens.

    Lots of love,